Confidex Corona™ UHF Hög temp tagg for produktionslinjer

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Confidex Heatwave FlagTag

Confidex Heatwave TOUGH



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Confidex Corona™ UHF Hög temp tagg for produktionslinjer – med svetsning, målning mm

Minsta antal som kan beställas = 6 000 st

Throughout the production line, you’ll need just one RFID tag. Confidex Corona will carry your vehicle’s DNA from welding to painting process and on to the finished vehicle.

More flexible

Confidex Corona is so flexible RFID tag that you can mount it to curved surface as well. Bending and vibration are not a problem.

Protected chip

Shielding label structure improves Corona’s shock resistance and makes it the best choice for harsh industrial processes.

Customized size, shape and attachment

Plastic structure of the tag is available in custom sizes, shapes and attachment possibilities.

Works every time

Confidex Corona is the result of ten years of product development together with car manufacturers. The 99.97 percent reliability figure and other features optimized for vehicle manufacturing are there for one single purpose: to make sure your production line keeps rolling smoothly.

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är en finsk men global tillverkare av tåliga RFID-taggar för användning i industriella sammanhang där höga krav ställs på funktion och driftstillgänglighet under lång tid.