Datamars NOVOwork LaundryChip™ – soft silicon tag


FT102-PA “NOVO” DATSAMARS – NOVOwork LaundryChip™

RFID-tagg för tvätterier

With the new NOVO transponder family, DATAMARS launches its ‘next generation’ LaundryChip™ for the textile service markets. Fully ISO 18000-6C compliant, this UHF tag allows highspeed bulk reading of textiles in laundries or at the client’s premise (i.e. hotel, hospital, casino, etc.). Thanks to its innovative design, NOVOwork guarantees best-in-class read distances (up to 4 meters) and can be easily attached to any textile using a standard heatsealing machine, thereby reducing manual labor for textile chipping and retrofitting. Small and extremely thin, NOVOwork can also be used for drycleaning processes.

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